Poor Will’s Almanack for 2019


Poor Will’s Almanack and Horoscope in Nature is a handbook for watching time in nature (horoscoping) with which readers may use the Sun, Moon, stars, planets, shooting stars, weather patterns, the farm and garden year, blooming plants and other living creatures to better understand and live with the forces that shape their lives.


A New Guide for Living in Harmony with the Earth and Horoscope in Nature

POOR WILL’S ALMANACK FOR 2019 is an almanack and horoscope-in-nature which readers can use to help them live in harmony with the external forces of the world that influence their lives.   The idea of an “Almanack Horoscope in Nature” may complement the principles and insights of traditional astrological calculations. However, the horoscope focus of POOR WILL’S ALMANACK FOR 2019 brings a very different perspective on “time watching.”

 The word horoscope itself comes from the Greek words, hora, which means hour or time, and skopos, which means observer. Watching what happens in nature through the seasons, a time watcher becomes a “horoscoper.” By focusing on events in nature – both on Earth and in the sky – the time watcher not only observes how the weather and the movement of the Sun, Moon, stars and planets are connected to the seasons but also how events on Earth reflect what happens in the sky – and how all of these events can be related to human emotions.

No matter how much or how little the reader may consider the various ways in which to find his or her place on the planet, I hope that this edition of POOR WILL’S ALMANACK will, at the very least, increase awareness of the many forces at work in nature that create us and our habitat.


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