Poor Will’s Almanack for 2020 with the Great Outhouse Story Collection

Poor Will for 2020 Contains New Names for the Monthly Moons, Weather Trends, Notes on the Progress of the Sun, the Position of the Major Planets, Dates of Meteor Showers and Eclipses, and a Calendar of Holidays for Farmers and Gardeners

And it features

The Great Outhouse Story Anthology

by the Readers of

Poor Will’s Almanack

1985 – 2019



  1. Karen

    Sorry Bill, but I was gifted the 2020 Almanac and found it crappy. Can’t imagine anyone being that interested in outhouse ‘lore’. Perhaps because it was the first I ever read and was expecting a Farmers Almanac-type publication.
    Absolutely love the WYSO spots and DDN column.

    1. Bill Felker (Post author)

      Sorry you didn’t like the outhouse focus. Send me your snail mail address and I’ll mail you a copy of the 2021 (with 48 short seasonal essays) or one of my essay books that contain material more like the WYSO segments. No charge.
      Thanks for the feedback!


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